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Vehicle Update Guide
Step One Prepare for updates

Tips for Copying an Update to a Portable Device

1. Saving to a USB device or SD card - Save the update file(s) in the Root directory of your portable device

※ Caution - We are not responsible for portable device-related issues during an update - When choosing to update your Navigation system using the Navigation Updater,
   saving the updates directly to a portable USB device removes the need to transfer the files from your hard disk drive

SD Card and USB device

1. Select a USB device for the update (if applicable)

권장 USB 타입

Recommended Type of USB Device

비권장 USB 타입

Not Recommended

- The stability of the upgrade depends upon having a good device connection. Devices with contact wear should not be used.
   Use a good quality thumb drive.

2. Select an SD card for the update: recommended specifications

1) A high-quality SD card is recommended for updates

- Using a normal SD card can result in low connection stability and may compromise the data transfer

2) Recommended Specifications when Using a Normal SD Card

- SD Card storage space has to be more than 32G, Speed level should be more than UHS-I

SD Card Recommended Specifications

SD Card Recommended Specifications
Item standard
File System FAT32
Speed Class 10