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[Download Troubleshooting & Settings] Requirements
Q -What type of SD card should I use for the download?
A -We recommend using a 32 GB SD card as recommended on the download website – a Class 10, UHS 1 or higher.
   Please do not use micro-SD card + Adaptor. Some models can use the vehicle's SD card.
Q -The download recommends using a 32 GB SD card or 64 GB USB thumb drive. Can I use a larger size?
A -We do not recommend using any media size other than what is requested in the information shown before you download the software.
   This is due to a possibility that the Navigation System is not capable of reading a larger-sized partition format.
Q -What kind of system is required to download the Map update?
A - Windows- Intel i3 or AMD A4 processor or better, 4 GB RAM or better, minimum 100 GB of free hard drive space, Windows 10 Home OS, SD card reader, or available USB connector.
   Mac-Intel i5 processor or better, 4 GB RAM or better, Minimum 100 GB of free hard drive space, Mac OS X, SD card reader, or available USB connector.
Q -Can I use Chromebook, Windows 10 S, or mobile device to download the Map updates?
A -No. Our downloader software is designed to work only on Windows 10 Home OS or Mac OS X.
Q -What internet connection is recommended for downloading the Map updates?
A -We recommend using a wired internet connection instead of a wireless connection, with minimum download speed of 60 Mbps.
   Please Google “speed test” to test your connection speed.
Q -How do I find my software version to enter in the “Search Model Name/Software Version”?
A -In your vehicle, find the System Info page (typically listed in the SETUP Menu) in your Navigation system. 
   Find the software version. It will start with two letters and a combination of other alphanumeric characters. 
Use this to search for your vehicle in the Navigation Updater program.You can also simply search by vehicle model and model year.

※ Please be cautious in selecting your model, because some models will list different versions of the software.