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[Vehicle Installation Process & Issues] Ready To Install
Q - What should I prepare before performing an update in the car?
A - Turn off Bluetooth in your Navigation system to prevent any interruption or failure.
    Take photo of your current System Info, SW Version, and Map Version.
    Follow the step by step instructions.
    The update may take anywhere from 30 minutes for newer car to as much as three hours for older vehicles.
    Please keeps the vehicle running and in Park (P) during the update.
    Please do not abort, interrupt, or turn off your vehicle during the update process. Doing this may cause your Navigation system to malfunction, which may require a Navigation system replacement.

Q - Where do I insert the portable device in my vehicle
A - 1) For SD cards, the SD card slot in the vehicle is generally located just below or above the display screen and is labeled “SD Map”. 
       Please check your vehicle owner’s manual for more assistance.

    2) For updating using a USB device, the USB slot is usually located below the Navigation system's display screen, near the center console. 
        Please check your vehicle owner’s manual for more assistance.

Q - Can I uninstall an update and revert back to the previous version
A - No, once an update has been performed, the software cannot be downgraded to the older version.