1) Information on the Home page

Genesis Navigation Update Homepage (hereinafter referred to as the “Homepage”) contains various types of copyrighted works (hereinafter the “Works”) including texts, images, photos, videos, flashes, sounds etc., Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred toas the “Company”) or the creator of the work is a legitimate copyright holder(collectively referred to as the “Copyright Holder”) and owns the copyrightsfor all works. Therefore, if a user of the website intends to use some or allof the works, he must obtain the prior permission of the copyright holder. 


2) Use of Works

All works of the Homepage are protected by the Copyright Act of the Republic of Korea. Therefore, if a user of the website intends to use some or all of the work, he must obtain prior permission of the copyright holder, and even with the permission, he must comply with the following requirements:


1.     Groups or productsshould not be used to be mistaken as sponsored by Hyundai Motor Company.

2.     The company and its products should not be used to slander or give negative images.

3.     In the event of theact of creating a second work by resizing the work, modifying or processing thework, you must obtain the company’s permission prior to using the work. Thework must not be used for any purpose other than what was approved by the company.

4.     If the copyright holder grants permission to use the work, the work must not be used for any purpose other than what was approved by the company.

5.     In any other case,users should not infringe copyrights such as copying, distribution, or transmission of part of all of the website.


3) Information on Copyright Violation

In case of copyright infringement, the company shall not be held responsible for any damages, losses,or consequences resulting from the use of copyrighted works for reproduction, download, publication, distribution, use of sources, etc. without prior permission of the information company. In addition, in case of violation of theuser’s policies and related laws, the user may be liable for civil and criminalliability.


4) Use of Website Link

Linking the homepage to your company’s website requires obtaining prior permission fromthe company, and even in this case, links to “Genesis Navigation Update Homepage”, “http://update.genesis.com” it should be used in conjunction with an expression that tells the truth.


Youdo not need to obtain prior approval from the company if you cite and use any part of Genesis Navigation’s guide or manual for personal ornon-commercial use. However, it must be used in conjunction with an expression such as “The copyright of the above materials is on Hyundai Motors” to indicate that the copyrights are on Hyundai Motors and to comply with the requirementsfor using the work in Section 2


5) Use of Information Applied on the Homepage

Use of information or works provided on the homepage are provided for the user’s reference and convenience, and the accuracy is not guaranteed. Therefore, the company does not take responsibilityfor the results caused by the user’s arbitrary use or trust of the company’s information. The company is constantly working to improve user convenience andis constantly updating materials, but some contents may be unintentionally incorrect or error-prone, and may be changed or deleted without prior notice.


6) Information of other sites

Legal rights to other sites or some products linkedto the homepage are reserved for each site.

7) Photos and processedimages (illustrations)

If you wish to cite and use various copyrighted photos among the works on the website, you must obtain prior approval from thecompany. However, copyright inquiries on processed images (illustrations)should be made primarily to the relevant producers, and citation and use of thework for commercial purposes must be approved in advance by the producer and companies.


8) Brand Management Policy

1. The company’smission, Hyundai Motor Company related trademarks, product names, logos (includingBI / CI) and various trademarks (hereinafter referred to as “brands”) related to the company are registered as trademarks for do mestic as well as worldwide. And the company owns legitimate trademark rights to the brand.

2. If the user wants touse all or part of the company’s brand, the user must obtain the company’s prior permission and comply with the company’s brand policy. In case of violation, the user may be liable for civil and criminal liability inaccordance with relevant laws and regulations.

3. The company reservesthe right to use all of its brands exclusively and prohibits the following actions accordingly.

     The act of using abrand for the purpose of slandering the company

     The use of a part or all of the company’s brand, such as an internet domain name, address, or an expression recognized as referring to the company

     The use of a brand inany automobile-related product without prior permission of the company.

     The unauthorized use of a part or all of the company’s brand in automobile-related businesses and workplaces.

     The unauthorized use of a part or all of the company’s brand in automobile-related products, etc.

     The use of the brand outside the scope of the company’s permission to use the brand

     The act of using the brand without the company’s permission for personal profit, etc.

     Using other company’s brand or similar brand, the possibility of misunderstanding and confusion to the general customer