Type : Audio
Display Audio Gen1 Software Update
Register Date : 14-Apr-2023
What's New

  • Display Audio Gen1 with Genesis Connected Services
    • Better remote access with seamless connectivity between the Display Audio system and with Genesis Connected Services server.

List of eligible vehicles available to download

  • Please refer to the examples below to check the type of Display Audio system installed in your vehicle.
  • Then select from the list of eligible vehicles to download your Display Audio system update.


Before Updating

  • Please use the officially distributed update file. If you use a randomly changed file, it will not update correctly and can lead to critical issues in your Display Audio system.
  • When selecting your vehicle, make sure the model/model year are correct before starting the download process.
    • If the wrong model/model year is chosen, the update cannot be performed.
  • Please make sure to use a USB drive formatted with the FAT32 file system.
    • A FAT32 formatted USB drive is recommended for a successful update.
    • If it is not FAT32, format the USB drive as FAT32 before copying the update files from the desktop/laptop to the USB drive.
    • When formatting a USB drive, all data stored on the USB drive will be deleted. Please make sure to safely back up important files stored on the USB drive before proceeding with the USB drive format.
    • A single partition USB drive is recommended.
    • If the USB file system is not FAT32 or the electrical performance is not proper, the USB drive cannot be recognized.

  • Note:
    • This update provides software that may include adding new features and removing others.
      After installation, it is not possible to revert to the previous software version.
  • Warning: 
    1. During vehicle software installation, the engine must be running to keep the battery charged.
      Do not turn off the ignition switch or eject the USB drive during the update procedure.
    2. How to double-check whether the vehicle is running:
      • The start switch should indicate “ON” or the light on the start button is lit.
      • A software update could affect the functionality of aftermarket components (e.g. aftermarket rear view camera, speakers, etc.)