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Vehicle Update Guide
Step One Select Storage Location
Update Step Image
  • 1
  • Select a location in which to save the update file(s)/data
  • 2
  • Click "OK" to proceed to the next step
  • ※ If you save the data on a hard disk drive, you can copy it to an SD card/USB device.
Step Two Update
Update Step Image
  • 1
  • While the update is in progress, the update progress is shown in percentage/text
  • 2
  • Click "Pause" to temporarily stop the update and "Resume" to continue updating
Step Three Prepare Portable Device
Update Step Image
  • 1
  • Copy to a SD card/USB device
    Copy the Update files saved on your hard disk drive to a SD card/USB device.
  • 2
  • Open folder
    Press the “Open Folder” button to open the folder to allow you to check the saved files.
  • 3
  • Select another vehicle
    Press the “Select Another Vehicle” button to return to the page where you can select a different vehicle.